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Rittman Law - Helping you with Ethical Issues, Disciplinary Matters & Licensure

I formed this firm is to help licensed professionals with ethical issues and disciplinary matters. Whether you have a question about how to ethically deal with a situation or you have a dispute with a regulatory agency, I can help.

Closed, effective 4/12/19.

Practice Areas Include

  • Advice and Consultation
  • Answering Complaints
  • Applications for Licensure or Admission
  • Representation in Hearings
  • Representation on Appeal
  • Reinstatements

Your License

Your license to practice came after a lot of hard work in school and passing the exam. You have a tremendous amount invested. You need someone who knows the risks that can threaten your investment.

I know those risks. I can help you avoid them if you need advice or consultation. I can help defend against them if you are faced with a complaint.

When you think about how important your license is to you, financially and personally, you will realize that you need someone with the right knowledge and experience to represent you.


My background includes experience with the unique system that regulates attorneys and applicants for bar admission

I have also dealt with the Boards that regulate licensure and discipline of all other licensed professionals, including many appearances before the Administrative Hearing Commission.

Sara Rittman, Ethics AttorneyEthical Standards

If you need advice to help you decide the proper course of action to comply with ethical standards, I can help analyze the pros and cons of different approaches.

Often there are "green light" approaches and "red light" approaches. I can identify those. After that, we can evaluate and identify the "yellow light" approaches along with their risks and advantages.

Disciplinary Complaints

Dealing with a complaint can be very stressful and draining. I have been a part of these systems and I know how they work. They can seem very mysterious if you don’t have someone to help you navigate the process.

Together, we will strive for a quick, favorable resolution so you can move on as soon as possible. We can also explore other resources that may help you during and after the complaint process.

I can provide the help you need. Don’t try to go it on your own when the stakes are so high. Call 573-584-9347 for help with your ethical and disciplinary issues today.

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